5 Unique Looking Case Designs For Your iPhone 6

While owning an iPhone 6 suggests you are someone who is right up to date with technology, the phone’s case can reveal a lot about you. For example, your choice of iPhone 6 case can show if you’re fashionable and chic. Below, we look at 5 of the most unique case designs for the iPhone 6 and if you like one of them, go get it!


This amazing case prints a tiny hard-copy of a photo that you take with your iPhone 6. It hasn’t yet been released and full details are unavailable but it is likely to cost $99 and will be on sale in early 2015.

Carved Solid Wood

This company makes cases from wood and prides itself in never creating two identical cases; how’s that for unique? There are plain wood designs in finishes such as lacewood, mahogany and cherry along with decorative cases.

Amp Audio

This is another case set to be released in 2015 and you can pre-order it now. As well as offering improved sound, this case provides you with 20% more battery life. This is likely to be the ultimate iPhone 6 case for the music lover.

Trurendi Luxury Bling

This furry case looks incredibly stylish and is available in a choice of two colors. While it is extremely glamorous and may look expensive, it can be yours for just $15.50!

BoxWave Keyboard Buddy

This cool case is a blast from the past and is the ideal gift for someone who likes going retro. It is a slide-out keyboard case that enables you to type more accurately. According to BoxWave, this case stays charged for up to 14 days.

More Choices

The cases above just scratch the surface of the amazing array of iPhone 6 cases available and if you do some research, you’re sure to find one to suit your individual tastes. For more information on where and how to get the best new case for your iPhone, contact a reputable company that deals in iProducts everday.