Get Your iPhone Screen Fixed


No matter how careful you are, accidents happen, and when the screen of your iPhone is damaged, you need a fast and reliable service to ensure you get your precious piece of technology fixed as soon as possible. Here are some clear signs you have a damaged or defective screen:

  • Colored lines down the LCD: Your LCD has been exposed to too much pressure if you see colors such as yellow, red, orange, green, or anything else that looks like pin striping.
  • Dual images: This phenomenon is also called “ghosting,” and it can happen anywhere on your iPhone. If it shows while you are looking at your pictures, download the images on your PC. If the images are clear, it is obvious you have an issue with your screen.
  • White halo: This is due to a soldering flaw on the screen and the halo only shows up a few days after you begin using the device. Your battery’s power causes the solder point to lose its conductivity, and a white halo is the result.
  • Lack of touch response: Your screen may have dead spots, and if so, this is a sign of a defective screen. You can take your iPhone apart and try to find out if the digitizer cable has been damaged during installation, but you may find it less frustrating to contact an expert.

If your iPhone has any of the above screen issues or something we have not covered, get in touch with us today. We specialize in the repair of Apple and Samsung devices and are far quicker at making repairs than official Apple stores. We only use genuine Apple parts when it comes to fixing your iPhone, so don’t spend another moment with a damaged screen; contact us now!