Most Likely Ways You’ll Break Your Phone

According to Nielsen research, Smartphone ownership in the U.S. is at 70% as we are becoming a nation addicted to these convenient devices. The problem is, Smartphones are delicate and the average user is, well… clumsy! As a result, it doesn’t take much to break a phone and the repair bill can be significant. Here are some of the most likely ways you’ll become yet another angry Smartphone owner.

Sporting Passion

Americans love sports but sometimes our passion for our team leads to unfortunate consequences. An incredible 23 million Americans are believed to have damaged their phone during a sporting event with 12% of these individuals guilty of hurling their phone in a fit of passion while 13% managed to drop a phone in beer! The moral of the story; keep your phone hidden while your team is playing!


Research also shows that 12% of American households break an electronic device during holiday celebrations with 33% of these devices being mobile phones. It seems that a combination of relaxation and fine dining leads to carelessness so be extra vigilant during the holiday season!

Sit On It!

While Smartphones are not exactly tiny, they are not huge objects either and it seems as if thousands of these devices come to an unfortunate end every year. We either place our phone on our seat and forget about it or it slides out of our pocket. Either way, we end up placing our derriere on the Smartphone and this weight is often enough to destroy it.

The Toilet Drop

Speaking of unfortunate endings, more than 10% of Smartphones meet their end due to an unwelcome trip into the toilet! As we are becoming addicted to these devices, it is common to bring them into the bathroom with us but all it takes is one moment of clumsiness and we get an inevitable conclusion.

Avoid Becoming a Statistic

Smartphones are amazing devices but they are also fragile. Avoid becoming a statistic by taking better care of your device and keep it out of harm’s way whenever possible. All it takes is a little common sense and you’ll get to enjoy your Smartphone for years. If you do happen to be one of the unfortunate individuals that needs to get their phone repair, have a reputable professional do the repairs.