Most Common iPad Issues

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As of October 2014, approximately 225 million iPads have been sold, and while this Apple device is widely regarded as a masterpiece, it is not without its flaws. At Arizona iPad Repair, we fix all manner of issues with this Apple device, and our outline of the most common issues faced by iPad owners is here below. Frozen Screen Occasionally, you may find that your iPad is unresponsive to your touch. In many cases, the culprit is a specific app, but finding the right one is not easy. If your screen freezes with regularity, take note of the...

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Main Differences Between iPhone 5 & iPhone 6

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If you own an iPhone 5, you might be wondering if the iPhone 6 is different enough to justify its purchase. If you are in this situation, keep reading to discover the differences between the devices so you can use this information to decide if you wish to add yet another iPhone to your collection. Screen Size The iPhone 5 has a 4 inch display which is actually pretty small for a Smartphone in the modern age. The iPhone 6 has a 4.7 inch display which is significantly bigger while the iPhone 6 Plus has a 5.5 inch screen. If you feel your iPhone...

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Best Features Of The New iPhone 6

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When the iPhone was first released back in 2007, few realized just how important it would be when it came to the Smartphone revolution. Every new edition of the device has been greeted with a huge sense of anticipation and the iPhone 6 is no different. Below, we look at some of the best new features of yet another landmark Apple device. The Next Level of Video Recording Apple has pushed the boundaries of video recording to their limit with the iPhone 6. While 1080p recording has been possible for a few years, it is now possible to record all...

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Most Likely Ways You’ll Break Your Phone

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According to Nielsen research, Smartphone ownership in the U.S. is at 70% as we are becoming a nation addicted to these convenient devices. The problem is, Smartphones are delicate and the average user is, well… clumsy! As a result, it doesn’t take much to break a phone and the repair bill can be significant. Here are some of the most likely ways you’ll become yet another angry Smartphone owner. Sporting Passion Americans love sports but sometimes our passion for our team leads to unfortunate consequences. An incredible 23 million...

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5 Unique Looking Case Designs For Your iPhone 6

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While owning an iPhone 6 suggests you are someone who is right up to date with technology, the phone’s case can reveal a lot about you. For example, your choice of iPhone 6 case can show if you’re fashionable and chic. Below, we look at 5 of the most unique case designs for the iPhone 6 and if you like one of them, go get it! Prynt This amazing case prints a tiny hard-copy of a photo that you take with your iPhone 6. It hasn’t yet been released and full details are unavailable but it is likely to cost $99 and will be on sale in early...

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More Fixes for Your iPhone

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More Fixes for Your iPhone You should never assume that your iPhone is damaged beyond repair. Professionals have the ability to repair or replace almost any problem with your device and ensure it works like new. Apple is known to charge enormous sums of money to repair iPhones, to the point where it is almost preferable to purchase a new device. Fortunately, there are a number of expert repairers who produce high-quality work for a fraction of the Apple repair price. What Can Be Fixed? Microphone: It is distressing when you’re speaking and...

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Get Your iPhone Screen Fixed

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No matter how careful you are, accidents happen, and when the screen of your iPhone is damaged, you need a fast and reliable service to ensure you get your precious piece of technology fixed as soon as possible. Here are some clear signs you have a damaged or defective screen: Colored lines down the LCD: Your LCD has been exposed to too much pressure if you see colors such as yellow, red, orange, green, or anything else that looks like pin striping. Dual images: This phenomenon is also called “ghosting,” and it can happen anywhere on...

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Updated prices on repairs.

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Wanted to let everyone know that we have updated prices for our repairs. Our iPad Mini is not $110 to repair the broken screen. iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S are now $100 to replace the front digitizer/lcd assembly. As always all the work is guaranteed for 90 days and done same day!

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Apple issues a take down notice for an iPhone 5 look a like mod kit conversion.

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There is an iPhone 5 Mod kit that lets you convert the back of your iPhone to “new” iPhone 5 look. However Apple issued a take down notice, so you have 48 hours to order one. Here is the full letter that was sent to the sellers of the iPhone 5 mod:   “We are authorized to send notice and takedowns on behalf of Apple Inc. (“Apple”), the owner of the federally registered Apple logo trademark (among others) hereinafter referred to as the Apple Trademark(s). We are writing to request your assistance with a website hosted...

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iPod Touch Screen/LCD Replacement!

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So we have now offering an iPod Touch 4th Gen LCD/Screen replacement for only $65! You can have your iPod Touch glass replaced in less than 30 minutes and all our work is guaranteed for 30 days! If you have any questions call us at 480-559-9694.

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